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We are experienced in our current focus areas and committed to delivering exactly what our clients need, in close collaboration with the clients, in an agile way and with the ambition to provide a high quality product that seeks its like. We are keen on constantly improving ourselves. We will seek, find and harness new opportunities for the benefit of both our clients and ourselves

Our Current Focus Areas

Support with Management Systems

With 20 years of experience in developing a company’s technical and non-technical standards and maintaining corporate management system we can help you design YOUR management system such that it truly helps you optimise your business and your delivery. Your clients will envy your for your Management System.

Support with Preparation for Audits

We can review your management system and the way you do your business against relevant audit questions, help you identify gaps to “what Good looks like” and build a gap closure plan together with you. We can then help you drive closure of identified gaps.

Organisational Review

We can support you in reviewing your organizational set-up, look for opportunities to automate workflows to improve staff effectiveness and remove waste. We can further help you set up effective organisational models and prepare you for job evaluations by ensuring that you have coherent job descriptions for all positions in your organisation which can be used by staff at different levels of the organisation to collaborate towards delivering on your business targets

Career Framework

It is essential that, as part of your Employee Value Proposition and also to continuously develop the capabilities of your workforce to meet ever changing business needs, you have a career framework in place that your people can refer to when they develop themselves as professionals and when they grow in their careers. The career framework will help you with succession planning and ensuring business continuity and growth

Capability Building

We can help you assess you people’s competencies, design tailor-made personal development plans to ensure closure of competency gaps and we can build training programmes if not available in the market.

Technical and Non-Technical Studies

We can help you study the feasibility of opportunities and carry out studies into pain areas within your business with the objective of removing them in a sustained manner.

Internal and External Communication

We can help you build and implement communication plans for internal and external communication. With our multi-media capabilities we are able to help you craft and deliver messages with a short turn-around time. Harnessing creative talent we are able to deliver high-quality audiovisuals in engaging fomats

Partnership with international companies who want to become active in the Sultanate of Oman

We offer reliable partnerships to companies, active in the oilfield, renewable energy, mining, agricultural, environmental services, both services and equipment providers, which want to enter the Omani market.

Our Aspiration For the Future

Sales of Solar Systems

We have established a partnership with a company that has developed and patented high performance solar panels and solar tiles. We are in the process of developing a marketing strategy and setting up a sales point.

We have established a partnership with BiPVKorea, company that has developed and patented high performance solar panels and solar tiles. We are in the process of developing a marketing strategy and setting up a sales point.

Design and Installation of Solar Systems

In the future we are planning to design and install solar systems. We encourage developers to consider integration of solar systems into new developments as in today’s time and age, in the Sultanate of Oman no hydrocarbons should be burned anymore to generate electricity, as solar radiance is very high in the country.

Sales of Oilfield Chemicals

We are working at establishing call-off contracts with suppliers of oilfield chemicals so that we can offer high quality oilfield chemicals at competitive prices to our customers

Support with addressing HSE dilemmas

We can analyse HSE dilemmas, propose and get manufactured alternative ergonomic designs that eliminate the dilemma

Provision of Services and Equipment needed to master the Energy Transition

We identify services and equipment needed to master the Energy transition adn bring these into the Sultanate of Oman.

Support in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Cyber Security

We will work together with competent partners and strive to acquire expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning as well as Cyber Security and harness these in our business and for the benefit of our clients and customers

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